Monday, July 20, 2015

wedding fake cake

After my success with Matthew's fake birthday cake, I thought I would do one for the wedding. Since it's a beach wedding, I wanted to display the cake and not worry about sand, dirt or weather. We displayed this one and made delicious cupcakes to give to the guests. Many people took a double take on it - they couldn't tell it wasn't real at first glance.

If you missed the blog on how to make them, catch it here. I pretty much did the same thing. I found a pack of 5 hat boxes at JoAnn Fabrics for $20 and mixed up the spackle and plaster of paris.

I piped on the icing made from the same materials and waited for them to dry. I order the little fences and little Adirondack chairs and the tiny little flip flops (so cute). I paid about $20 for all of them. I painted the chairs and the icing the same color. I painted the cake a sand color.

I found some little wooden hearts for about .25 and used my chalkboard paint. I used black because I already had it made up, but if you make your own - make it any color you want.

I pulled some sprigs of grass from the beach and glued them on. I had a lazy susan and I put the cake on it along with some sand and seashells from the beach.

I'm quite proud of it. I already had most of the materials from Matthews cake, so it cost me all of $40 to make.

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