Sunday, July 19, 2015

northern michigan wedding - wedding day!

Finally the big day arrives after much preparation and work - but it was worth it. It was a beautiful wedding.

The wedding party - (from left to right) Jessica, Holly, Jackie, Rachael, Lena, Jenny, Matthew, Bobby, Bobby, Wes, Jason, and William

Big brother and little brother, the Best Man and Ring Bearer.

Chairs down by the lake.

The balloon archway that busted apart from the wind. Remnants by the pier.

Vases lined the walkway.

The wedding march.

Jessica in the tent.

Jackie and Mel.

The flower girl - Lena

Preparing the bride.

GG and Lena

Preparing to meet his bride.

Father and the bride.

Lake ceremony

Exchange of rings.

The kiss.

 The wedding party

The girls

And boys

Napoleon Dynamite

Bob, Bob, Bob, Matthew and Jenny

Jenny and D.O.G.

Me, Burke and the newly weds

The beach cake.

Grandma and Jenny

Bobby and Rachael (sister). Acting goofy.

The day was windy and by the end of the night, very cool.  Dinner was ribs, chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, cupcakes, chocolate pudding cups, and peach cobbler.

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