Monday, December 12, 2016

doll tent

I picked up this pattern quite some time ago. I always browse the patterns during a big sale at Joanns and buy them all at once - it's so economical that way. I had dolls in mind for my nieces little girls and thought it might make great Christmas gifts.

I bought the oldest an 10" doll a couple of years ago Christmas and thought it would be great for her. Her sister was much younger then and now it's her turn to get the doll. So, one will get a doll (with some clothes) and the other will get the tent.

I used McCalls Craft patterns M7268. I'm pretty sure I paid .99 cents for the pattern.

I challenged myself again to use only materials I already own. I did pretty good, except I did have to buy some dowels (to hold up the tent) and craft board (for the flooring).

I started the pattern before getting all the fabric for my slipcovers and had put it aside for awhile, but with Christmas just around the corner - I brought it out.

It was quite fun to make. The fabric I used were primarily left over from the curtains in my room. So bright and cheery.

I used some vinyl I had bought for making a pattern and used it for the windows.

I thought the shades for the windows were so fun and cute!

It did take me about a day to complete and I used fabric I already had. The whole time I thought about the girls and how fun it would be to play with it. I also thought of myself and my sisters - we would have loved playing with the tent during our many, many hours of doll playtime.

Merry Christmas everyone!