Monday, September 4, 2017


I began looking through my photos for something to write about this week and I can't believe I didn't write this one up last year. Slipcovers! The couch has been done for a year now and I still love it.

Last year we vacationed in lovely Frankfort, MI. We rented a condo on Lake Michigan and I was very inspired by the furnishings of the condo. Everything was lake blue, fluffy cloud white, and sand brown. My favorites.

I donated our existing couch to our son and began looking around. As we all know, a good couch is very expensive. My idea was to find a very good quality couch and make a slipcover for it. We found this one online and took it home for a good steam cleaning. The brand was Ethan Allen. I pulled the cushion covers off, ripped one apart to use as a pattern, and even took out the zippers to reuse.

Then I ordered fabric. I got a great canvas blend online which is a medium weight fabric and washable.

I settled for a ocean blue - OR Detroit Lions blue. 

I found some upholstery there to match, and got my bobbins ready. I started with 4 but in the end, I probably used about 8 minimal.

I grabbed my favorite piping foot - which makes quick work of sewing piping. It came in very handy as there was A LOT of piping involved.

I then cut all my pieces for the piping. I believe these were 1 1/2 inch wide.

I sewed them together.

Cutting off the little triangle.

Good quality piping cord is essential. I ordered 10 yards online.

Then I sewed miles and miles of piping, okay only 10 yards.

I started by cutting a piece for the seat area. Using chalk, I drew out my cutting lines.

I just started cutting and pinning fabric. Make sure to get some good upholstery pins for a good sturdy hold.

Basically, pin fabric together so everything is wrong side out.

Cutting notches for the corners.

Pin together fabric with the piping in the middle. Every stitched area has piping.
Sew sections together as you go. Make cuts to release tension in the corners.

Turn it right side out and try it on for size.

I used Velcro for the corners to create a pocket.

Getting the sticky back tape was very helpful for placement. Then I sewed the Velcro to keep it in place.

Here's the solution for the bottom. I actually need to go back and redo this area as it did not turn out like I hoped. I think in the future, I will just do a skirt around the bottom. I was going for clean lines here. My solution was to put sticky Velcro on the bottom and to remove it when I wanted to clean the slipcover.

The cushions were easy. 
I simply used the old seat cushion that I ripped apart as my pattern and even reused the zippers.

Honestly .... when I was looking through my photos, I couldn't believe I didn't take final pictures. So today, I grabbed a few pictures. The slipcovers have been in place and do a great job of protecting it against dog crude. He rubs up against the bottom of the couch all the time.

Which is what I planned for. I can simply take it off and throw it in the washer. 

It's a good solution when you don't want to spend thousands and you want a new look.