Saturday, June 18, 2016

the upholstery adventure

Burke and I were browsing around at the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Ann Arbor and came across this chair. It was super cool - a glider. The footstool was also a glider. The price was $70.00, but I waited until they had a 50% sale and sent Burke for the chair. I paid $35 for both pieces.

This is my first upholstery job and I really enjoyed it.  It allowed me to use by sewing and woodworking skills.

After about a week, this is how it turned out. Super comfy chair!

I began with a screw driver and hammer to remove the staples that holds the fabric on.

I began at the bottom and worked my way up.

The manufacturer is New Castle Furniture and looking online - this set costs anywhere between $450 - $600.

I actually began with the foot stool. I really only took me a day to uncover it and reupholstery it.

I took the old fabric off and used it as a pattern for the new stuff.

I ordered some new foam for the back cushion and also decided to go with a square backing instead of the original curved.

I decided the skirting on both the chair and ottoman would not go back on. The fabric is a duck canvas that I ordered through, which matches the wall color in the basement. I ordered 10 yards overall and I used about 7 yards.

It actually was not hard at all. All together I spent about $115 on materials. I already had most of the tools I needed. Not bad for a first try. I'm already stripping down my next chair that I picked up for $5.

Monday, June 6, 2016


Eileen and I signed  up for with the Ann Arbor Shutterbugs to photograph the Peonies at the U of M Arboretum. I watched the weather report as storms were rolling in and even set out in hopes that the storm would pass quickly. It did not and we turned around and went back. Once at home and the storm had passed, Burke coaxed me into leaving one more to go to the arboretum. I'm glad he did - we got some super shots, although I long for a better camera today. Below are some of my shots of peonies at the University of Michigan Arboretum.

Friday, June 3, 2016

eileen's final photo shoot

The end of the year is approaching and last night we went out for our final photo shoot. Eileen finishes up her year in the USA and heads back to Germany in roughly 2 weeks. It's been great having her and if you're interested at all in having a exchange student - I highly recommend it!

She made this dress herself - it was her prom dress. She came up with the design and put it all together. Turned out amazing!

Don't know why but I really like this one.