Wednesday, November 11, 2015

basement project - part 2

I've taken a break with my blog and this is the reason. We started the project back in August and with only weekends to work, this is our progress. I'm really bummed .... I took pictures after the framing was done and now .... I can't find them. Dang it!

As you come down the stairs. The first door is to our new bathroom and is only framed in at this point. The other door is a small closet for kitchen overflow.

At the bottom of the stairs .... it's the little closet on the right again. Burke really loves those pot lights. We was down here measuring for the floors.

This is directly across from the kitchen closet. The space is under the stairs. We took out some of the extra framing and really opened it up. Burke put in some outlets for my treadmill and a monitor for watching stuff. This will be my treadmill's home.

This space is filled with construction materials at the time of the picture, but it will eventually be the sewing area. The window is wired for a window garden.

Standing in the sewing area, overlooking the family room. In the back where the door is will be a giant storage closet. The dog crate is Nova's (Jackie's dog).

A better picture of the storage room and Nova's cage (who hangs out there when Jackie is working). You can see the kitchen closet there too. 

We're back in the sewing area and looking at the new furnace room.

Looking at the new pocket doors with the french doors. They close off my new photography area. Right now filled with construction materials - some of which is ready for the recycle place.

My treadmill is in the corner while the stairway is being drywalled. But that corner will house my new electric fireplace and TV.

And my big giant closet. Burke wired it up with 2 pot lights. Still so much mudding to do. I think we have a week or two left to continue drywalling and mudding and then on to the floor. We picked out a really cool laminate floor. I'm still trying to figure out what color to paint it. Still moving forward!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

eileen's senior pictures

Burke and I started working on the basement and the deadline for submitting senior pictures was fast approaching. So finally, one Saturday morning, Eileen and I set out to complete her picture for the yearbook and then some.

We took a couple near the house but headed over to my work where there were lots of trees and a pond. I think she's a natural.