Sunday, July 19, 2015

northern michigan wedding - the cabin

I booked a vacation house in Honor, MI for the whole family this year - back in February. My daughter Jennifer has been with her boyfriend going on 17 years now. I said to her ... why don't you get married on the beach at the house? We can have family come up, have the wedding and a bonfire afterwards. That's what we did ...

This was the beach area.

Holly found the hammock right away.

Laney's friend Brendon came along and had some fun with the kayaks.

The pier.

And some pictures of the lake front.

So beautiful.

And peaceful.

Tucked away outside civilization.

The log cabin where we stayed.

The long winding driveway to the house.

Back side of the log cabin. It was a wonderful week and we filled the cabin to capacity. It slept 15 and room for tents outside. The best day ever.

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