Sunday, July 19, 2015

northern michigan wedding - sleeping bear dunes

The day after we arrived, we found the Sleeping Bear Dunes.

And decided to climb the sand dune.

Burke, Mom and I started up.

It was super hard climbing the dunes and I had to stop and gasp for breath every few feet.

The view from half way up is cool - overlooking Lake Michigan.

I stopped cause I was tired and I figured the picture taking would be just a good right where I was. My 70 year old mother battled on.

That's her little dot there.

She was heading up to where Burke had made it - near the tree. She really shouldn't have climbed it at her age - but no one was gonna tell her not to. She'll never let me live it down now.

Heading back down the dune was much easier. Here's the very tip of the large tree in the last photo. The dune was so steep you couldn't see that there was yet another climb. It was a good workout though.

Saw this coming down and at first I thought it was a baby bird buried in the sand. Turns out it was just some sand clumps. Weird.

Once I finally got all the way down, I noticed my shoes had filled up with sand. I have some room between my toes and the tip of my shoes. They were completely filled.

What a site to see, wish I had one near my house - seriously good workout.

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