Saturday, May 2, 2015

first trip to the park with nana

The first beautiful Saturday of 2015 and Matthew spent the night. After his nap, we watched a little Baby First TV.

And had some lunch. The only time the boy smiles is when he's watching Baby First.

Even intense chewing for a little boy who's getting 8 teeth in right now. Such a poor little guy.

We took the stroller to the park and put him in the baby swing. He fussed loudly at first.

But then - he didn't hate it. You can't tell by these pictures - but he really didn't mind it. Kept swinging with his arm up. Wouldn't put it down.

He's never got a happy face these days. The teeth and acid re-flux makes this little guy show his sour face. I got my first kisses from him this weekend. Got two of em.

Aunt Holly went down the slide with him.

And we sat on the blanket for a little bit, before heading back. Love the sunny days of May.

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