Tuesday, May 5, 2015

not a minute wasted

I've been the President of the Saline Music Boosters for the past two years and just recently stepped down. The Boosters have a Drive 4UR School event coming up on May 16th. It's a great program sponsored by Ford and Briarwood Ford Dealership. We get up to 300 people to come out and drive a Ford and we get $20/person. In addition, we are having a bake sale and car show too. Last year we earned $7,000 for the Saline music program.

I'm also doing up some sample spirit wear so people can order them at the event. I've got quite a lot of embroidery to do still - t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets.

My daughter Jenny's wedding is coming up in July and I'm trying to lose a few pounds. I feel super overweight and those pictures last forever. 

So I was trying to figure out my plan for the night. I needed to get some activity in but I also need to get some embroidery done. 

Originally I thought I would walk for about 30 mins and then get some embroidery done.

Then it occurred to me ..... I have to wait for the embroidery to complete - about 10 minutes per shirt. What if ..... I jumped on the treadmill while shirts were in the machine? Instead of sitting and watching TV.

It worked out really good! I got nearly 35 minutes done and 5 shirts done. It actually was a much better use of my time. Think I'll do that more often!

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