Thursday, May 7, 2015

girls like you

Fourteen is hard....super hard. Holly is the baby out of 4 children and 14. Fourteen is hard. I can look back at my children's lives and even my own - and realize 14 is a fork in the road, a turning point. It's a struggle between becoming an adult and remaining a child. Hormones ....

Holly with her dog - Butters

Discussion in the car on the way to school turned toward the new Girls Who Code club that I want to start in the City of Saline. "Do I have to join?", she says. "Well, of course!", I replied. "It'll look great on your college application." She slowly nods in approval. "Plus" I say, "you can meet other ... girls like you."

After a few minutes, she turned to me and said, "What does that mean? Girls like me?"

"You know .... girls like you. Girls still struggling to find who they are, not sure where they fit in, struggling to find a language they can speak." "There's languages?", she asked. "Sure, so many languages - you can pick the one you like.", I said. We finished the ride in silence.

A few weeks later, she was called down the guidance counselor. I got a text from her asking me if I had prompted the meeting. "No?", I responded.

That night at the dinner table Holly brought up the Guidance Counselor visit and told us about how they thought she was a great student, somewhat concerned with one grade which we knew about. The counselor talked of a group in the high school that helps girls connect. "You know, connect with other ...girls like you.", said Holly as she lifted her head to gaze at me.

Holly - 8th grade

Those words keep echoing in my head. Girls like you. What does that mean? After thinking about it for some time, here's what I have to say about.... girls like you.

The girls who are quiet, shy and have a hard time striking up a conversation with just anyone. Girls that think everyone has made up their minds about who you are - so why bother with changing their minds. Girls with hearts as big as the moon and have the kindest souls. Girls who would give their birthday money to charity to help those in need. Girls who are creative, expressing their inner selves through art. Girls who are loyal to the friends they do finally make. Girls who are champions for animals and children. Girls who have your back and is your best ally. Girls who openly love their family and tells you, "I love you mom."

Girls that will someday make a dent in the universe.

This is the kind of girl my daughter is and why I'm so very proud of her.

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