Sunday, May 3, 2015

car seat shoulder strap covers

Matthew spent the night and I took him out to the store with me. I kept him in his car seat and put it in the shopping cart. When I took him out later, I noticed little red marks on his neck where the shoulder strap was scraping him. OMG! Poor little guy! When I laid him down for a nap I immediately got to work on some shoulder strap covers.

I had some left over terry cloth from the bibs I made for him. I cut two rectangle pieces measuring 5 inches wide and 9 1/2 inches long. The actual shoulder strap was 2 inches. 

My daughter Jackie calls him "Bruce Wayne". Since I don't want to put his actual name on things because people are sick in this world, I embroidered "Bruce Wayne".  Ha! I was doing this farily quickly or I might have made a more elaborate design.

I cut the same rectangle size in some blue cotton and sewed them right sides together, making sure to leave about 3 inches on one side to be able to turn them out. I ironed the seam allowance once turned. Then I took some Velcro and sewed it down each side like shown. 

I think it turned out nice! It was so easy to make and took about an hour. Plus, it didn't cost me anything because I already had everything I needed to make it. Now my little bundle of sweet baby is all comfy in his little seat.

Best nana ever!

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