Tuesday, May 12, 2015

neewer graduated color lens filter set

Jenny is getting married in July and I get to take the pictures. I thought it might be cool to have some new lens filters. I found these and ordered them. I got them here. They were pretty inexpensive (under $20.00 with shipping) and so far .... I'm really digging them. The lenses seem like they are good quality and all the reviews were positive.

The lenses are graduated so the color on one side and gradually get clear. I got out my camera and started through the pack. They fit my Samsung NX30 perfectly. It was a cool windy day here. Kind of perfect for this kind of thing. The clouds lined up great. Just for me. 

This was the red.


Green - thought this was cool. This one the green was on top.

The I rotated the lens so the green on the bottom, making the grass look greener.







I'm sure the pictures I take of her wedding are gonna be amazing! Can wait to try them out some more!

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