Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I believe I mentioned in previous posts that Aunt Dottie made doll clothes are most of us girls. With Christmas coming up, I was thinking about what to make my adorable nieces Abby and Avery for Christmas. They love, love, love Frozen and I thought ..... Frozen doll clothes. But first ... the doll.

So I got online and looked at reviews for 18" dolls. Of course, American Girl dolls are all the rage, but I didn't want to spend several hundred dollars on each doll. The reviews I saw lead me to hunt for Madame Alexander dolls. The Madame Alexander dolls are very close to the quality of the American Girl dolls. Going to the Madame Alexander official website showed these dolls sell for roughly $75.00 - still too expensive.

Amazon was my next stop and I found a couple of dolls, last year models selling for $30.00/each. Sold! I found a blonde and a red head doll and received them the next week.

Keeping in the spirit of Aunt Dottie, I wanted to make the dresses for the dolls. I began my research for what was already out there. There were a couple patterns you could download ranging from $5-$20. Hmmmmmm......... Or ....

I really wanted to make this pattern from scratch. I failed in my Olaf design, so I set out using an 18" doll pattern as a base. After several attempts with my muslin, I finally came up with this design.

I love the cape material - it is beautiful! I paid a pretty penny for it at Joann's. Holly did Elsa's hair - she's getting real good at french braids....

I wanted to also mention that my cousin Cindy recently sent me a barbie dress that Aunt Dottie had made for her.

I was so touched by that gesture. So thank you Cindy .... from the bottom of my heart. I will treasure it.

Next up! Anna .... the dress pattern is pretty much the same and the cape should be fairly easy.

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