Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Over the years Aunt Dottie made barbie doll clothes for me when I was a child. And when I had girls she made barbie doll clothes for them. Sadly, none of them survived the years. It makes me sad to think of those lost treasures.

I was thinking about Christmas and what to get my two beautiful nieces Abby and Avery. Abby LOVES Frozen. Did I mention she LOVES Frozen? Avery, while younger, shares her sisters LOVE.

So my thought was to get Abby and Avery barbie dolls and make them some Frozen costumes for them. It then morphed into 18 inch dolls instead of barbies, but the idea was still there to create costumes for them. So then, I started to think about the other small beauties in my family, and began to think of Olaf.

Wouldn't Grant, Matthew, and Lena love to have Olaf?! I began to look around at the different blogs about creating Olaf, but they all seemed to lack the full face and kind of 3 dimensional look.

I tried several times to create the perfect pattern but grew frustrated very quickly. Why hadn't I paid attention in math!? I was ready to give up when Julia suggested I buy an Olaf and create the pattern from that. Good idea! So off I went and began taking the purchased Olaf apart at the seams.

I redesigned parts of the pattern along with the eyes, buttons, and mouth for my Olaf. To add an extra touch, I embroidered the name of the child on the bottom of the foot.

So Brandy, if you read this, Grant's Olaf should be on the way soon - just in time for birthday #2! I actually finished stuffing Olaf while I was watching Frozen. Jackie came over for lunch and now .... well .... guess I'm making 4 in total.

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