Saturday, November 1, 2014

mischievous matthew's bubble bath

Aunt Dottie was very much into photography and I believe that if computers were common like they are now, she would have had fun with manipulating photos.

So here's the story ....

I was awakened at 3AM by happy baby noises. I had put Matthew's bed in my room, and I stumbled out of bed to check on him. But the bed was empty.

There it was again .... the happy baby noises. But they seem like they were coming from downstairs. I crept downstairs cautiously.

I stood there astonished and absolutely amazed. I grabbed/ my camera and snap this shot. Matthew is only 4 months old.... We had just watched Adams Family 2 and I saw Matthew smiling at the baby Gomaz. Looks like he got into my Halloween paint. He looks just like him!

He finished off 2 bottles and did a little light reading while enjoying his bubble bath in front of the fireplace. How does he do it?

I also noticed that the new doll I had purchased was out of the box and was nearby.

Oh boy .... who's gonna clean up the place?!? Mischievous Matthew ....

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