Sunday, November 2, 2014

Julia's choir concert

Julia loves Choir and especially loves her music teacher, Ms. Sarah Price - who I have to admit is pretty wonderful. Julia was very excited and anxiously awaiting the Veteran's Day Tribute concert at Saline High School.

She had to buy some new shoes for the concert. Her outfit requirements were black shoes, black pants, black shirt, and black blazer. My daughter Jenny and her are about the same size, so Jenny lent her the blazer. It's looks nice!

Here's the outside the school, the performance arts entrance.

The Choir had a bake sale to help send the Choir to Carnegie Hall in April. Everyone chipped in and brought baked goods to contribute to sell. Julia made Swedish chocolate balls made with some ingredients that her parents sent from Sweden.

The line started to form outside the auditorium.

The auditorium has 3 levels inside it.

And the lower level where the Saline New Horizons band was already on stage.

I tried several times to get a closer view of the choir and band together, but my camera just is so bad. Every picture turned out blurry. Julia spent extra time learning all the patriotic songs that we all learned from birth. 

The show was very nice. Inspirational and brought a tear to my eye several times with the patriotic melodies and the tributes to our veterans. Here's Ms. Price singing "America the Beautiful". Her voice is just amazing. I really wish my camera was nicer....

Here's the artwork for the concert that was distributed around town.

And here's the link from the Saline Post covering the concert. Thanks Tran!

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