Sunday, December 7, 2014

MunchingBrotato Quest

Holly turned 14. OMG! Holly turned 14! What do you want for your birthday Boo?

She finally came downstairs and said, "I wanna go to Chicago. MunchingBrotato is having a meetup - can we go?" She lives and breathes the Minecraft You Tuber.'ll be fun for us and Julia (our foreign exchange student) too - she'll get to see a really big city. OK then - let's do this! She packed her special edition phone case for his signature.

Four hour drive to Chicago from Michigan .... and both the girls fell asleep. Julia does this all the time - sleeps sitting up.

After a couple hours, we stopped off in Indiana.

Burke was super excited ...he was born ready! For what? We have no clue. Julia has now been in 3 states in the US.

Super scary Skyway bridge. STOP sightseeing Burke! and keep your eyes on the road.

After we got into our room at the Chicago Hilton, we went out for some sightseeing. The Christmas tree by the Grand Ballroom.

I had Burke, Holly and Julia stand by the non-working fountain for a photo op. It was cold - they were not amused.

And then we froze out by Lake Michigan.

My first panoramic view of the city line with my new awesome camera!

 Julia's first encounter of one of our lovely Great Lakes.

Walked right by a protest. "Hands up - don't shoot!".

We finally got to Gino's East for their famous deep dish pizza! It was so good, we ate it all! Afterwards, we went back to the hotel for a good nights sleep. Big day tomorrow!

First thing in the morning after breakfast, we went to the Art Institute of Chicago for some art sniffing. Renoir, Monet, and much much more. It was awesome to see the long line to get in.

Eating lunch at the Art Institute..... it was nearly time. She was so nervous - freaking out really. Was having weird anxiety dreams for weeks now. She looks calm, but inside she was flipping out!

We headed over to the Bean or Cloud Gate.

Ahhh the Bean. As we approached the meeting place, the Tweet went out. He was on the way - but 15 mins late! Oh no! Super cold and already I couldn't feel my feet.

It wasn't on the news, but the bean fell off it's track and started to roll. No worries, Burke was there to stop it and put it back.

The weirdest thing happened.... A parade of Santa's showed up. Couple hundred and lined up in front of the bean. Sweeeeet....

We watched the ice skaters at Millennium Park while we huddled together trying to keep warm. Waiting ..... for mashing potato, brunching motato. Wondering if he had a brother .... munching tomato?

A large herd of people started to gather. "Who is that?" I heard someone say. "It's something potato.", said someone else. Holly immediately freaked out. He's here!

She managed to squeek near him. OMGlob! The crowd gathered around him and started spilling out into Michigan Ave. Suddenly a sheriff appeared out of nowhere and guided the poor boy into safer area, as he was signing autographs.

And finally, it was her turn. Look at that beautiful smile! And he's ok too. Tyler Kristy is his name.

Finally the crowd thinned out and there was a few die hard fans. Selfie! Those girls were die hard fans!

Holly was in hog heaven! She floated out of there. We went back to the hotel and waited for Burke and Julia, who had slipped out to go up to the Sears Tower.

Once Burke and Julia made it back to the hotel, we headed out! Mary Lambert, Fitz and the Tantrum, and Sam Smith all at the Miracle on State Street. The place was rocking!

Burke captured this amazing shot the very next morning. Sunday .... heading back.

Best weekend ever!!

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