Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Giggle Box Graduates!

Congratulations Jacquelyn! You made it! You conquered the Chemical Engineering program at University of Michigan and came out the other side.....victorious!

Congratulations to your son... who walked with you through every struggle.

Say goodbye to long long hours studying at the library .... And crazy lab partners.

Say goodbye to driving to campus to park and take a bus to the different classes.

Say goodbye to stressful final exams and late night SWE meetings.

Say hello having more time to spend with your family! And what an awesome bunch of people we are. Hahahahahaaaaa! But ... we always got your back.

Say hello to your awesome sister ... and Bruce Wayne.

Say hello to seeing more of your friends and girl friend.

And just as important - but not more than .... say hello to the dollar billzzzzz!

We are super super proud of you! Congratulations University Michigan, School of Engineering Grad of 2014! What an accomplishment!

Now you can say hello to being a U of M alumni!

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