Saturday, August 8, 2015

more fabric rolled shades

I've been meaning to write more about the rolled fabric shades and today I'm finally getting around to it. I love this window treatment concept and I have more examples to show you.

I have them all over my living room windows. I love the versatility of being about to lighten or darken the room with a flick of my wrists.

I can slide them up on nice sunny days.

Or lower them when my dog sees the neighbors dog and goes on a frantic barking spree.

I have them on my picture window too. I roll them all the way up to just display the valances or lower them for privacy. In this picture, I'm showing them in both states - normally they both are the same. But in this way, I can completely hid the shade ..... or not.

My bedroom is done the same way, different style.

I like that they are lined with insulating liner so in the super hot or cold days, they come down to provide more window insulation.

And they just look cool. 

I really love the rolled fabric shade concept. I actually have another bedroom that still needs done. It currently has just a plain old shade .... boring.

 If you didn't catch my blog on how to create the basis for the rolled fabric shades, check it out here.

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