Thursday, August 13, 2015

chalkboard picture frames

I made these blackboard picture frames for my daughters beach wedding. We had a theme of blackboard and mason jars and this added a nice touch. You can really use them anywhere! My youngest stole one for her desk to jot down notes on.

Other uses that come to mind are to put in the bathroom to remind your children to wash their hands. Or in the kitchen to remind them to rinse their dishes.

I bought about 10 of these stand up plastic picture frames. I got these from Walmart for about $1.00/each.

I made up my blackboard paint by using 1 cup of flat paint (could be any color) and 2 tablespoons of unsanded grout.

Mix well.

And apply directly to the picture frame.

I added 3 coats. Let dry thoroughly between coats.

Here's a tip for you. I saw at JoAnns they were selling "gourmet" chalk with sharpened ends for double the price! I bought some real inexpensive color chalk and grabbed my pencil sharpener. It did a nice job and made it nicer to write with.

Ta.Da. Easy quick really convenient little blackboards for conveying messages. Nifty!

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