Tuesday, June 16, 2015

chair project

Holly and I went shopping for William's room makeover a year ago and found this chair at the local salvation army. She really wanted it sooooo I got it. It was in decent shape when we bought it.

Of course, it did not look like this when I bought it. :) This is the new and improved version. I believe I paid $15 for it.

It looked like this when I removed it from her room. She used it for about a year when it began to fall apart. I bought her a nice chair for Christmas, and she didn't need it anymore. I liked the chair and needed one for our guest bedroom, so Burke and I set out to recreate it.

I purchased some new fabric from fabric.com. I got some heavy duty duck canvas listed for $8.98/yard. I ordered 2 yards, but I only needed 1. I love the duck canvas and I'll find another use for the extra yard.

Burke and I began to strip down the old fabric - taking out all the staples making sure to keep the fabric in tact so I could use it as my pattern. He used my seam ripper to disassemble the fabric.

We bought some new foam from JoAnn Fabrics and Burke cut it down to size. I can't remember how much in particular we paid for the new foam - maybe $10. The difference is quality from what was on there is amazing.

Burke reinforced the underside with some heavy duty stuff he bought from Ace hardware. He just strip tied it to what was already there.

Using the old fabric as my pattern - I cut out and sew'd together the top and bottom covers. The duck canvas is super tough fabric and perfect for a chair. I double stitched everything to make it nice and sturdy.

Burke got some smaller pieces of foam to put on the seat around the wood to make it comfy for your legs. He cut it to size and used the glue gun to glue it in place.

He put the new cover on it and used the staple gun to put everything back together. I love the way it turned out! It much better quality and will last forever. It now sits proudly in our newly remodeled guest room.


  1. That husband of yours sounds pretty handy!

  2. Oh yes he is! And he'll get plenty more opportunities during our upcoming basement remodel project!