Friday, August 22, 2014

the sports nut

Aunt Dottie had a Singer sewing machine in her bedroom and I would sit in there and watch her put together pieces of fabric. It was amazing to see her put those puzzles together. The last time I saw her at her sewing machine, she was sewing her daughters wedding dress. How wonderful would it be . .. to pass down to the younger generations something you made.

My daughter Jenny has 2 boys. Bobby wanted a quilt for his birthday - he turned 11 this year. Many times you will find him in my sewing room looking to make some little thing. "Nana, can I sew something?" I taught him how to use my sewing machine about a year ago and he loves playing with it.

He's also a real sports nut - baseball, hockey, basketball, football, bowling - does it all. Not only does it all, but is super good at it. He recently tried out and made a hardball team and hit a home run in his first game.

So I ended up choosing this pattern but he chose the colors. I found a sports collection backing for it, which also had the number 12 in it. He thought I had put that number 12 on the quilt and was insulted that I didn't realize he was 11. I'm still not sure he understands that the fabric just happened to have 12 on it.

I started with 8 inch squares and I embroidered a few things on it. I quilted it in big triangles too. This quilt fits a full size bed nicely.

I think it turned out pretty good. My little entry level brother embroidery machine sure gets a workout. I hid a couple of words throughout the quilt. I think the embroidery just adds character to the quilt.

Every time I go over to Jenny's house, Bobby has it ... on the couch, in his room and they even took it to the hospital when the new baby was born. Matthew was premature and they stayed at the hospital for a week. It was sweet and very nice to see how it gave both Jenny and Bobby comfort.

If you want to see more about this quilt, I got the idea from In Color Order.

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