Thursday, July 14, 2016

doggie bed

During the last upholstery projects, I took the back off the ugly pink chair. The back was filled with super soft fiber fill. It was protected by a thin layer of white fabric. I wanted a more modern back with new foam, so I didn't reuse it. Looking at it, I thought .... hmmm dog bed for Butters. He needed one for when we were hanging out in the basement.

I saved the project for when mom was here for her visit, cause I knew she would love doing it.

This is a picture of what it originally was. You can see the "neck" area hitting the floor near the bottom of the ugly pink fabric.

Mom took out the "neck" part that sat between the arms, so it was more rectangle shape.

She opened up the bottom and cut off the access fabric. She insisted on hand sewing the opening close.

We removed the neck and the fiberfill was moved into the main area making it really nice and full.

Off to Joann's we went and picked out these two fabrics. The bottom is an upholstery fabric that I found on clearance for $7/yard. The top is a super soft fabric that matched colors. The total cost was $17 for both.

I added a zipper to it so the cushion could be pulled in and out easily. I had this one in my stash of zippers. It's a little shorter than I would have liked, but it worked.

I can't believe how much he loves it. He hasn't gotten off it yet.

I haven't been able to get a good picture of the back yet, cause he won't leave it. We measured the widest part of the cushion and cut our fabric to match. There's a 5 inch binding connecting the top and bottom.

The hardest part was the soft fabric. It stretches easily and ended up not exactly matching up, so I put in an easing stitch so I could pull the thread to ease the fabric to the length I wanted.

 Not only does he love it, but Julia does too. She laid down there with him and took a nap. At least he didn't mind sharing.

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