Monday, January 25, 2016

kitchen closet

Burke and I have been finishing the basement for the last 5 months now. Whew! What a chore! It's all starting to come together now and I'll post pictures soon.

Today .... is all about my kitchen overflow closet. I built a closet just for my kitchen gadgets. Oh yea!!

I painted the inside of the closet and had to repaint it  I was trying to save rollers and tried using a small trim roller. It was only the second worse paint job I've ever seen. The first was my sister Trudy's bedroom. :)

So I repainted it and trimmed out the inside. Guess I should have taken a picture of the after (with actual trim).

I also painted a bunch of furring strips in preparation. There's the trim (the 2 end pieces). I put them on the inside to frame out the door.

I trimmed out the floor. It was about here that I remembered to grab hearing protection. Nail guns in small closets = hearing protection.

I measured out the distance for each shelf. I figured 12 inches between shelves with 2 of them at 16 inches for my larger gadgets. I found the studs and nailed in my first strip.

Look at this monster. Holy cow it was heavy. It's like 4x8 5/8 melamine. The cost was $30.00.

Took out my handy table saw and got ready to rip some shelves.

We cut it in half first so it was easier to manage. Then Burke held the MDF while I guided it through the saw. We ripped 12 inch shelves.

I ended up with 8 shelves altogether. I needed 5 for this closet. The rest will go in a craft closet. I was able to use some left over trim as furring strips for the side. Had a bunch 15 inch pieces of scrap left from the doors - so I used them up.

It is a small closet and worked out well. I spent a total of $30.00 to do the shelves. Got quite a bit of my gadgets in there and a few more to clean out before putting them in their new home.

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