Wednesday, January 27, 2016

chair remake

Surprise! Look what Burke did! On his day off, he wanted to surprise me with his cool idea.

Burke and I have been finishing the basement for quite some time now (if you haven't heard). We have these two chairs that I bought last year at Christmas for my grandsons (mainly). They could use them to play video games and they even pull out so they can lay down.
 These are Walmart's pictures. I bought 2 of them for about $90.00 each. I even bought an additional one for my grandson Laney for his room.
I really like them. I've used them a bunch of times - even for overnight students that spend the night. Since I like them - I wanted to continue to have them in the basement, but they are hard to get off them - being so low to the ground. I kept talking about making some sort of base to raise them up.

We ended up with a pallet when we purchased our laminate materials and Burke was itching to use it. See it behind the table saw?

So he tore it all apart and created a base for the gaming chairs.

I really love it. It's very comfortable and the kids can still pull them onto the floor for overnight stays.

He even put little pads on the bottom.

I love the way it turned out. I think it still needs to be sanded down and stained. We have another chair still left to do. Gotta find another pallet!

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