Thursday, April 23, 2015

heart quilt

My sister Donna will soon be a grandmother, so I got busy on this cute little quilt I found through Pinterest. I started out with a 45 x 60 inch piece of white cotton and starting appliqueing hearts on it.

I tried to keep the colors together (pinks, greens, blues) and found I have plenty to choice from in my scrap collection.

I embroidered her name in the middle.

Then did a cute pink 1 1/2 inch border. The multicolor fabric I though was super cute! I made that 5 inches wide and added it.

I quilted it this swirly pattern. And as always, I marked the back with my name and date created. Since the front was a white, I did the back in a light gray trying to keep it on the contemporary side.

I got the idea from here. I modified her design - but looking back, I do like her's better. Next time, I'll do the squares and put them together instead of using one big sheet.

It looks ok - but the hearts needed to be bigger.

I bound it with a bright yellow fabric and hand stitched it down.

I sent it off to Kentucky with a few other goodies. My sister and niece were delighted to receive it in time for the shower.

They actually hung it on the wall behind the new mom as decoration during the shower.

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