Monday, September 1, 2014

sometimes .... it's just not good.

So with Julia coming, I began to look at the bathroom she would be using. It's the shared bathroom upstairs and I really never did anything with it when we moved it. It's very plain and absent of color.

I was browsing Etsy looking at wall decals, personalized ones and discovered some big tree decals that were pretty cool - but $100? I've got paint. I'm an OK artist - not great. The light bulb in my head started to flicker and then hit full blown flood light. I'll just paint the tree on the wall.

I found my target. This corner of my bathroom.

I started marking out the design on the wall and filling it in with brown paint. To be truthful, I think this is the best it looked.

And then I started adding leaves to the tree. Still not bad, but then things started to go bad. I began working on the birds and ....I really botched them.

LOL! The wings on the birds were soooooooooo bad! If this was a canvas I would just paint over it. But with the wall, you really can't. Unless you have spare paint the same as your walls, which I don't. Love the way the owl turned out even though it could get uncomfortable with a wide eyed owl staring you down as you get out of the shower. Notice the birds on the toilet? Oh boy ...

Well ... at least I don't have to use this bathroom. Sometimes, it's just not good. On the flip side, I found another way to NOT paint birds. Lesson learned.

Maybe my changes to the window will pull it together. Stay tuned for that! I love fabric shades, and I think this bathroom is due.


  1. I do love the owl and that fat bird with the green wing. Much better than a plain wall.