Saturday, September 6, 2014


I put together Julia's new bedroom in anticipation of her arrival and realized she needed a quilt for her bed. She was due in just 1 week and since my time was short I thought I would buy one for her room. So Holly and I set off to several retail stores. I did find a couple of very very thin quilts on sale for $125. What? Are they kidding? Do people actually buy this? Knowing that I already most of what I needed at home. And after looking in several stores, I abandoned the item of buying. Does this make me a quilt snob?

I looked around for a pattern and found this one. The curtains in the room are striped so I thought the Layered Cake Lemonade pattern would work well.

Julia said her favorite colors were brown and red. The curtains are blue and brown so these were my final choices.

So reading from the pattern and calculating for a queen size bed, I cut the 10" squares.

I decided because the curtains were striped that I would add a bit of dimension to the plain colored squares. So I looked at some of the symbols that came with my Brother embroidery machine and picked just a line. Thought it would be cool to applique it. So I did ...

I sewed the squares together. To make the shorter rows, cut one of 10" row and cut it in half.

I think this is the biggest quilt I've ever made and it took 3 of us to sandwich the quilt together when it was done. I don't have a good place to do this and some people actually hang it on their wall to complete. I used my dining room table and my 3 helpers.

Took me a couple of hours to do the quilting. I finally decided on just doing lines.

I think it turned out pretty good. She really seems to like it!


  1. I absolutely love it. You are so creative!. Looks like it would be a nice pattern to make a scrappy quilt.