Thursday, February 11, 2016

under the stairs treadmill desk

Have I mentioned we've been finishing our basement? I had an idea for utilizing the space under the stairs to house my treadmill. I use my treadmill all the time to walk while I'm working on my computer. I do this everyday - we even have one at my work on the days I'm there.

We ripped out everything under the stairway - took it down to barebones.

Drywalled, added outlets and a light. Let me tell you - drywalling all those nooks and crannies was not fun.

It's a perfect place for the treadmill. Out of the way, utilizing dead space.

I purchased these nifty gizmos for hanging my monitor.

Added a collapsible desktop.

I knew the area was going in so I reinforced the area with extra 2x4 framing.

You can move the desk out of the way if you're on for a run.

I wish I had taken better before pictures of the space. I love how cozy it is now, adding a fitness area to our basement space. Completely functional for the whole family.

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