Sunday, February 14, 2016

foot stool

Every since we got our delivery of flooring on a pallet, Burke's been on a mission. From a previous post, he repurposed the pallet and some game chairs. You can see that here. His newest creation ... the foot stool.

He drove around until he found another pallet. It wasn't in as good as shape as the chair pallet, so he created this foot stool with it.

He sanded and painted the bottom half. I couldn't believe he got this far without a single picture.

Using my new photography room that was created with the basement remodel, I snapped a few pictures before he went any further.

Notice anything weird? Yea ... the outlet has to go. Ugh!

Using some left over fabric from curtains I made earlier - he sewed it himself. Literally took him all day, but I think it looks fantastic. You can see those curtains here.

He got some foam from JoAnn Fabric and used his staple gun his mom gave him. The staple gun once belonged to his dad.

I do love that material and I think it goes great with the chair.

He's a pretty proud papa. I think he has the bug. Already looking for more pallets.

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