Thursday, September 10, 2015

paper hearts

We recently changed things up a bit in our room we keep for the foreign exchange students. I wanted something different for a design over the bed and I went with this.

Paper Hearts! It was so easy to make and I already had everything I needed, so no additional costs.

And it looks fabulous! I actually found the idea on Pinterest. You can see this idea and others here.

I got out my Brother Scan N Cut and found a preloaded heart shape I liked.

I cut out 10 different sheets of different color hearts.

My husband Burke found this dowel in the garage - so we went with that.

Holly and I hot glued the hearts onto ribbon I had in my craft stash.

And I literally just tied the ribbon to the dowel. Burke hung it on the wall using some leftover tacks we had from running electrical in the basement.

So easy .... took a couple of hours to complete and we used existing items in the house. It really gave the bedroom some cool color additions.

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