Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tiffen ND Filter

I received the SamSung NX30 camera as a Christmas gift from my fabulous husband. So I did what most every new photographer does - watch every you tube video I could find. Of course, I do want to point out that I've always had camera and a flare for taking pictures - but my new equipment aspired me to new heights.

I watched a video on neutral density filters and after looking at many reviews, I settled on a Tiffen ND Filter. It was a little more expensive, but everyone thought it was worth it, so I took the plunge and it arrived a week later.

Once I got the new Tiffen filter, I realized that I had ordered the wrong size for my camera. So after receiving the filter, I had to wait another week before my step up ring appeared at my door.

Yesterday was my birthday and first thing, I grabbed my husband, the tripod, and the camera and headed down to the Mill Pond in Saline to start using the filter. The above shot was one of the betters ones. It was shot at ISO 100, f16 and a 30 second exposure. It was a beautiful sunny day so I had the filter had the max value.

Here a shoot of the same scene with the filter dialed all the way down to the min and a 1/5 sec exposure.

Big difference right? Unbelievable.

Here's another. Shot with the filter dialed up to the max value. ISO 100, F22, and 30 second exposure. See what looks like rocks? Some of those are - but there's a flock of ducks there too.

And here's the shot at 1/200 exposure. Still beautiful scenery but I just love the creaminess that the Tiffen filter gives. Just super cool.

I just walked around and took some shots with the filter dialed down to the min value. I really just love the polarized look it gave the photos.

So far, I'm really happy with the filter and the Tiffen works great with the Samsung NX30. Just remember to order the correct size for the lens you're using.

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