Sunday, October 15, 2017

holly's diy storage bed - the build

 It's finally done! Weeks and weeks of work on the design and build is finally done, and I can't believe it actually looks pretty darn good!

If you missed the design, you can see it here.

The bed is in place, clothes put away and the books are the shelves. A sigh of relief and the garage is finally back to holding cars and not bed parts. Here's some pictures of the build.

We started with the bookcase since it was the easiest to do.

The deal struck with Holly was since the veto was made on every bed we tried to purchase, that she would help sand and paint each piece.

She lived up to her end and what a fine job she did!

The back cabinets were easy also as they were only there to support the mattress. These cabinets would face the wall and not be seen.

Each piece was painted whether they were back or front cabinets.

Front cabinets were made which held the drawers. This was the hardest part for me, but they turned out fine.

The white paint made everything look bright and clean.

The drawer build wasn't as bad as I expected. We cut all the sides.

Dado cuts were made to help keep everything nice and square. 

Quarter inch plywood was cut and side into place.

Burke and Holly were absolutely fascinated that they could stand the broom up all by itself.

Work on the headboard began.

Wiring was done for the power center in the headboard.

Then we added some fancy trim at the top and leftover bead board from the basement ceiling was used as the back.

Special trim needs a bit of a pop of color - not too much.

Finally the bed is assembled.

Drawers were filled.

Items plugged into the power center.

Books put away.

Even a nightlight.

Snug as a bug in a rug. It was a lot of work - but she loves it, and so do we. 

Thank goodness for Ana White's website.  Parts and pieces were taken from this and that piece and together we created my daughters vision. Thanks Ana for the plans and the confidence to believe I could do it!

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  1. I am very impressed with your handiwork. Am hoping to plagiarize it. Thank you for sharing all the information, and if you have any more details on measurements, please share those too, so that I may avoid mistakes such as cutting things too short!

    Best regards, Monir