Saturday, August 5, 2017

detroit maker's faire

This year I had the pleasure of going to the Detroit Maker's Faire at the Henry Ford Museum with Saline Singularity - Team 5066, Ann Arbor District winners. This was my first time at a Makers Faire, and I think this one was the place to be.

FIRST Robotics arranged for local teams to do mock competitions all day for the visitors. The playing field was set up. This years theme was "SteamWorks".

We originally set up on the outside of the big tent. They made us take down our shade tent so the spectators could get a better view of the field.

The object of the game was to collect gears and fuel for your steam powered ship. The 2 ships are pictured here. Once you collect enough steam, you fly away with the ship by having your robot climb the attached rope.

We made the wise decision to move inside the tent so we were out of the sun for the rest of the day. The Saline Singularity club members attended to the robots every need and got it ready for a day of mock competitions.

The team next to us rallied for a group photo and I grabbed a shot. I wish I had also got a shot of their team number. I have no idea what team this is, but the kids were very nice. Professional graciousness.

Burke and Holly showed up so we wondered around a bit. I grabbed some photos. This guy was very cool!

There was a driving one man band.

A lot of pedal driven spectacles.

A remote controlled fake dude in a wheel car who spun around and around.

Teeny tiny bikes

Big bikes

And specialty bikes.

Tons of exhibits and fun things to do.

Makers and designers of all types. Some of the coolest fabric art.

This was a part of a sound contest they were having. Lots of different exhibits doing some cool things with sound. Thought this was cool - breakfast sounds. Loved the display. Breakfast of champions!

Lots of people walking through the vendor craft booths.

A robotic horse. Quite possibly nothing cooler.

Even saw a UFO who was very friendly.

One of the FIRST teams brought this, which was awesome. A robotic garage can - took the garage out for you. lol!

It was a perfect day for the Maker's Faire and a great way to expose the FIRST Robotic program to many, many spectators. The crowds were lined up outside the tent all day. Our kids had fun doing mock competitions all day and really got the crowd going.

I'm super proud of our club and I'm glad to be one of the mentors.

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