Sunday, May 14, 2017

rain barrel 2.0

This year I was ready to begin my rain barrels 2.0. My goal is to have full pressure spray from my rain barrels, powered by solar. Well .... let's start by cleaning them up. 

I pulled them from under the deck (where they are stored for the winter) and cleaned them out really good.

I got them for $45 from my local water treatment plan several years ago. They work great, except the pressure is not enough to get water through them. I ended up using water pails to move water to my garden. Not much fun or efficient.

I didn't use them last year and of course, no rain most of the summer. Not jinxing this summer, bring them out.

I went off to the nearest big box store and purchased about 3 of these.

Couple of coats and a few days later .... all done.

Next, I purchased a highly recommended water pump from Amazon. It is the cutest, little portable guy. It is electric .... so this year, I'll plug it in. Next year though ...... solar power!

We plugged in the hose and turned on the pump. And TA-DA, pull pressure!

Nice solid pressure directly from the rain barrels.

Now ... I have the coolest rain barrels that provide full pressure to a garden hose. Look out garden, full organic rain water - all for you.

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