Monday, October 10, 2016

kid super hero capes

Aunt Dottie was always making something for the kids in our family. Growing up, I often got gifts of Barbie doll clothes that she made by hand.

While I'm waiting for my upholstery materials to come in, I began work on my list of Christmas presents. Some time ago, I had the idea to make super hero capes and masks for some little ones in the family. I decided to challenge myself and only use materials I already own.

Isn't it adorable? The little girl cape is for a little one not yet born - due in January who has 2 older brothers who are both not quite school age.

Hopefully, they will have many hours playing super hero pretend together.

I turned on the trusty Brother embroidery machine and made appliques of their first initial. I used tear away stabilizer. I even tried out my new supply of water soluble stabilizer. They result was the same, so no real difference between the products.

It worked nicely. I then took some Heat and Bond and ironed it to the back

I took some fabric, ironed on Heat and Bond to the back and attached it to my mat. The Heat and Bond helped stabilize the fabric so it cut a little nicer. Using my Brother Scan N Cut, I found some shapes that were preloaded in the machine and cut 2 sizes of the same pattern. 

I found a free pattern using Pinterest and I printed it out, taped it together, and cut out the cape fabric. Check out Create Kids Couture and her free pattern.

Then I positioned the shapes and applique and ironed them down.

I went ahead and stitched them down because let's face it .... kids play hard.

I added some Velcro for the necks. I sewed in several pieces so they can be adjusted as they grow.

So for the little girl, I took a pattern for a bib I had and modified it to make a cute little cape. I used the neck from the bib, and the bottom curves of the super hero cape and it came out great.

I cut out 2 pieces of the pattern and sew'd them right sides together. I left an opening at the bottom and turn them right side out.

I ironed them down and then stitched around the outside, which closed the opening I used for turning.

I bought some pre-made masks months ago at Joann Fabrics. They are just felt masks. Pretty plain. I cut my design out on paper to fancy up the masks.

I used left over iron on fabric from the symbols, so the Heat and Bond was already on and ironed it onto a nice stiff craft stabilizer. Then I cut out the shapes and sewed them on the masks.

When I turned the masks over, I saw the glaring white stabilizer so I took some fabric paint and gave it a quick once over.

And ... of course, I got a little paint on the front of the blue mask - but I painted the tips of the ears. Sometimes you just gotta improvise.

I think they are super cute. The boys will soon have a little sister and together they can be The Super Three! AND .... mission accomplished. I didn't buy one single item. Gosh I love my art space!

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