Wednesday, September 21, 2016

wood signs

I've been really into signs lately. After the last couple of basement finishing projects, I've got spare wood laying around, so wood signs for EVERYONE!

A couple of mis-cuts on some nice birch wood turns into this sign for my beautiful fireplace mantel.

I used some left over paint from the basement color pallet for the base coats and dug into my acrylic paint for the letters.

Pulled out my trusty Brother Scan N Cut and some vinyl. Using transfer paper, I transferred the vinyl on the wood.

I found some hearts online using the Scan N Cut Canvas.

Then I painted the sign with the alternate basement color. I love this color - it's called Stone.

Then I pulled off the vinyl and sanded it to give it a more distressed look.

Love, Love, Love!!!

Next was a present for my niece's wedding shower. This was left over cedar from a garden project. This was the first one I tried my hand at. I first printed out my design on paper to get a visual.

I tried the freezer transfer method, but it didn't work. It wouldn't have been that I used a laser printer instead of an ink jet, would it? Epic failure!

I cut out a stencil using my Brother Scan N Cut, and it worked ok - but vinyl works way better.

I went over some areas with my permanent marker and then I put Modge Podge over it to seal it.

I then added a handle. Turned out pretty cute.

Next up was a wedding present for Burke's sister. I had another piece of birch that I painted a base coat on. Using my Brother Scan N Cut, I cut my vinyl templates and used transfer paper to move it to the wood. After filling them in with acrylic paint, I pulled them off. This allows you to do multiple colors.

Turned out pretty cute.


And lastly (for this blog), a guy at work just had a baby, so I found this owl plaque and painted it.

This one was the hardest because of how small the letters were. I tried 3 different times to get it right. Once, I screwed it up - I sanded it down and tried again. This was the final time.

I got a few more in me before Christmas (evil laugh).

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