Tuesday, May 17, 2016

butterick B6280

Matthew and Ashley's wedding and I needed a new dress. After a false start on another dress, I settled on this pattern. 

I chose this light linen fabric that has a great drape.  Thought I would embroider something cool on it. Well ... it was a good thought.

Time was getting down to the wire. I downloaded a rose to embroider, but it's not exactly the coolest.

But hey .... we left coolsville quite a while ago.

The pattern was super easy to make - and I had no issues with understanding the instructions.

It took just a few hours.

The sleeves I modified. The pattern had a long sleeve, but I wanted something to cover a little of my flabby arms.  Not hard at all - just shortened the pattern.

Haha - aren't we a pair. I do love the dress..... and that handsome guy too.


  1. Love what you did with the pattern. You look great! I saw in another post you are reupholstering furniture too. That's something mom loved to do. You are so creative, so would be so proud of you.